My Approach

A good garden design is based on listening carefully to what your needs, aspirations and most importantly budget is.  There are different service components in the Garden Design process, outlined below – some of these can be combined to help with time and budgets:Pink border

1.Preliminary Visit  or Discussion– This involves looking at the site and discussing your requirements, style preferences, time available for gardening and problem areas. This will lead to a quotation for the design.  I can do this via Skype for overseas clients

2. Site Survey – A detailed site survey is required of the current site – including topography; soil analysis and existing planting and structures. This is essential to inform the design.  For small gardens I will complete this, or advise you how to gather the information; for complex or larger gardens this will require a qualified land surveyor (costed separately).

3. Outline Plan – I will prepare an outline plan showing features, hard landscaping and basic planting plan. This plan may be sufficient for smaller projects that you will complete yourself. For larger projects, the outline plan allows us to discuss and develop the plan in more detail.

4. Detailed Setting Out Plan & Construction Plans & Planting Plans – The Detailed Setting Out Plan is the plan from which a contractor can estimate costs and build the garden. The Construction Plan gives detailed measurements of specific features such as ponds, retaining structures or hard surfaces. Planting Plans show the position and quantity of plants including recommended sizes depending on your desire for instant effect or a slower maturing garden.

5. Other Services – If you would prefer not to undertake the implementation of the plan yourself, I white selectioncan assist in:

  1. The selection and management of appropriate landscapers;
  2. Sourcing and purchasing plants and features; and
  3. Ongoing maintenance contracts

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.